Janggan The Movie, Harvesting The Wind

Janggan The Movie

The documentary Janggan is the result of observing the culture of Bali. The documentary approaches the subject from a cultural aspect and allows the kite, the subject to be become a benchmark for understanding the people of Bali.

 The flying of kites can be regarded as ‘play’ and illustrate how the people of Bali have always celebrated their spirituality with joy as well as solemnity.

In creating this documentary there was a consideration to visualize the history of kites over the last one hundred years, reflecting the changes that have occurred while the kite flying has remained constant.

However despite the joy people have when seeing the giant kites fly in the vast landscape of the empty blue sky there are pros and cons to the practice of kite flying.
Communities work together to create these beautiful ornaments of the sky and fly them in ways that are playful, powerful and majestic, teasing the power of the sun as it is shadowed by the great kites and no longer blinding to the eye.
Yet as the kites take to the road from the villages to the flying points, the sound of the boisterous gamelan ringing out, and the traffic crawling to a standstill there are others who view the kite flyers as nothing more than jobless street thugs. This attitude does not deter the kite flyers, even against this sentiment from the ‘modern’ world they will still raise their kites, evolving their traditions into a new relevance for today’s society and strengthening their ties to the traditions and their pasts. (Source : janggan.com)

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