Rainbow over Jogja


When Amos Lee said on one of his hits that “..We all need a place so we can go, And feel over the rainbow…” it sounds so true once you make your steps strolling along down the afternoon in Jogja.

In the chaotic condition of Yogyakarta’s urban planning and the missing of its public spaces caused by domination of commercial and industrial interest, the civil initiative and active participation is of a significant role. The mural projects are positive reaction over the alienation of the city community’s interests.

The condition of the people of Yogyakarta city with its cultural background still make this kind of reaction possible to occur. However,
the role of the authority, in this case the city government remains in the main role, in creating the more livable city. Policies based on long term orientation are needed to create city spaces that are able to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. Keep it loose, keep it tight.

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