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Indonesian architect, interior & product designer, Sakti Soediro was born and raised in Yogyakarta, Central Java, INDONESIA, here she share her strong interest in art domain that for the last eight years she’s been working on.

Art & Architecture

Soe believes that when it comes to design, there’s a little artist and architect in everyone. Here she shares about Architecture in terms of creating sustainable and comfort small dwellings unit which she Love much better than talk about green megastructure and urban planning that also always captivating her senses.

Interior Design

Doesn’t have any favourite homeware stores. Enjoying travel between cities for ceramics or textiles or drowning on workshop with craftsmen and carpenters. Soe always practically applied & thought that interior design need to be practical as well beautiful. For her, good interior could works like womb, it’s where our Life begin.

Design Product

Since early 2013, for 18 months, Soe stand up as the Creative Director behind a startup enterprise Legian Living, exclusive Bali based designed home accessories for EU market. Today Soe also stand as a darling product designer for her friends & family business like Wood & SoulSOE Uma, Allegra & Eclipse Keramik.

Homewares & Interior Workshop

Speaking about craft & interior workshop, Soe going to excitingly show and takes you to number of trip visiting some of artsy village that spread all over Indonesia, especially Java & Bali. Including her family Batik workshop, in Jogjakarta and Solo Central Java, where she developed her skill in making freehand Batik pattern.

CLEAR Workshop

Comfortable Low Energy Architecture become her passion for the last few years. She’s been lived on some Balinese ancient village between 2008 – 2010 researching that design concept through Bali ancient villages house and architecture. The ideas and result are openly shared here. CLEAR the book planned to be massively printed and published on early 2017 first in Indonesia.

Arsitek Berbagi

A design collaborative committed to building high impact, socially valuable architecture in resource-limited settings. Supported by numbers of young Architect who’s currently residing in Bali, Arsitek Berbagi trying to represent Architecture and The Architect to the community from another perspective.

Writing & Lecturer

Here also we can find her writing & lecturing material related to Architecture & Interior that she’s been sharing on some public presentation, class & seminar.


What Soe Love most from doing photography is she can see sorts of things that are actually many miles & years away from her & how photography lets us capture moments in time & preserve them for years to come. Capture with heart where all beauty comes from is one of photography technic that she always want to master it most.

Travel & Learning

Besides working on her Master Degree on Heritage Management and Interpretation at the University of Birmingham, Soe also start living on the road travel the world to learn things, meet people and fulfil her curiosity about a lot. After coming back and forth to Europe since 2012, she now residing in the UK followed by Turkey on 2016 and The US planned on 2017.

These diverse topics are somehow woven together in her daily life, and in her works. A compilation state of excitement in Life that woven together with a hope it could become something meaningful for others.

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